Take It to the Max

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Nick Crocker and Kevin Connors with mascot Wally at Take It to the Max

Stephanie, Jonathan, Fred and Beckett Warburg at Take It to the Max

If anyone was let down that the World Series trophy hadn’t made it home yet, they didn’t show their disappointment at Take It to the Max, the fundraiser for the Max Warburg Courage Curriculum, held in the Dell/EMC Club at Fenway Park.

The sparkling evening drew a corresponding crowd that included a quartet of Warburgs—Stephanie, Jonathan, Fred and Beckett—committee members Ryan and Whitney Patton, Jamie and Kevin Connors and Astrid and Tommy Burns, WGBH gadabout Jared Bowen, pulchritudinous power broker Jan Saragoni, the comme il faut Diane Schmalensee, brunette beauty Christine McCormick, force-of-nature Annie Hall, the scintillating Maria Karagianis, Chestnut Hillion Brent Binder and one person who said, “I’m really here for the hot dogs.”

As for the guest who was asked why he wasn’t a Red Sox fan, he said, “I have enough vices. I don’t need sports.”

However, the evening’s funniest remark came from the woman who responded to a compliment by saying, “A life of vodka and celibacy does a world of good for a woman of my age.” ◆

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