The Hot Pink Party

No Parking on the Dance Floor

Q: What’s hot and pink and shimmering all over? (Get your mind out of the gutter.)

A: The Hot Pink Party to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, one of the major highlights of Boston’s gala season, held at the InterContinental Hotel.

Elisha Daniels, Linda Holliday and the Rainbow Hued Disco Crew at the Hot Pink Party

Nile Rodgers at the Hot Pink Party

The everybody-who’s-anybody crowd, mostly dressed in some shade of pink, included the likes of honorees Catherine Kaelin and Heather and Rob Shanahan, Brazilian fashion plate Sinesia Karol with husband Bill, blond knockout Linda Holliday and the extremely lucky Bill Belichick, event founder Sandy Krakoff and the delightful Hope, party pair Judy and Larry Schlager, Tiffany stud Thomas Bosick, Chestnut Hillions Linda and Dan Waintrup, petite powerhouse Madeleine Capino and her other half, John, Tufts bigwig Irwin Heller and the lovely Sheila, uber-philanthropists Sandy and Paul Edgerley, the bewitching Minou Palandjian and just about every other person of substance and means within a 100-mile radius.

Michael Lorber and Kerri Landry at the Hot Pink Party

Everything about the evening—from cocktails to dinner to the speakers and the auction—was flawless, but the undisputed climax was multiple Grammy winner Nile Rodgers (a cancer survivor himself) and the Ladies of Chic (think “Le Freak”), who had everyone staying out past their bedtime and shaking their booties on the dance floor.

As one woman put it, “I always know I’m going to sacrifice a pair of Louboutins at this party.” ◆

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