The Pine Street Inn’s Summer Inn the City


Things that will make us hang out in front of the Moakley Federal Courthouse on a beautiful July evening:

A) A loved one facing a grand jury.
B) Another glimpse of Whitey Bulger.
C) The Pine Street Inn’s Summer Inn the City fundraiser, hosted by the homeless shelter’s “Innbassadors.”

Anyone who guessed C wins a yet-to-be-determined prize, and anyone who wasn’t there missed out on a gorgeous evening overlooking the harbor, with great food—tacos, charcuterie, sliders, pad thai and artisanal s’mores—copious cocktails, entertainment and a crowd that was as sexy as it was social and civic-minded.

Dwight and Sarah Miller at the Pine Street Inn’s Summer Inn the City

David Vencis and Claire MacLennan at the Pine Street Inn’s Summer Inn the City

Nicole Mollica, Molly Sands, Lyndia Downie, Jamie Goldring and Mark Koch at the Pine Street Inn’s Summer Inn the City

Prominent among them: silver fox Gary Ritacco and his dashing other half, Michael Hunter, gorgeous fashionista Sofi Madison, the impossibly attractive John Gould, stalwart supporter Kevin Bugbee, restaurateur Jim Cochener, fabulous firecracker Johna Willis, bubbly development babe Jill Ginsburg, co-chair Jamie Goldring and one person whose neon polo shirt alarmingly matched his belt and shoes.

A major attraction was the Wheel of Fortune, which guests could spin to win all sorts of swag. But one of the most welcome pieces of news came from executive director Lyndia Downie, who reported that in other cities, as many as 55 percent of the homeless population sleeps on the street, whereas in Boston, the percentage is an impressive (but by no means ideal) 3 percent.

The evening’s most incisive observation: “Alcohol-related memories are some of the most memorable—except that I never remember them.

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