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Looks Like We Made It…

(Left: Mike Casey and Lisa Hughes at the SAD Gala; Middle: Tiffany and David Ortiz at the SAD Gala; Right: Jon Bon Jovi at the SAD Gala)

Mother Nature turned out to be such a bitch this winter that it’s no surprise a glittering guest list turned out for the SAD Gala, held at the Four Seasons.

The evening, which raised money to battle Seasonal Affective Disorder, began with cocktails and a silent auction of all things tropical and beachy (a time share in Maui, a weekend on Nantucket), followed by a dinner of Caribbean delights. Present and accounted for: pharma bigwig Edward Garmey and the lovely Sophia, Channel 4 sizzler Lisa Hughes and her handsome husband, Mike Casey, Back Bay nabob Kier McDonough and his Scandinavian arm candy, Anja Kola, the drop-dead gorgeous Amber D’Amelio and her adoring other half, Michael, Red Sox slugger David Ortiz and the flawless Tiffany, and so on and so forth.

Instead of photo booths, guests were treated to spray tans, but the evening’s highlight was undoubtedly the surprise appearance by Jon Bon Jovi, who performed an acoustic version of Pharrell’s hit “Happy” that managed to snap even the most shell-shocked suburbanites out of their fugue state.

Statuesque beauty Alli Achtmeyer won the raffle prize—an ergonomically designed snow shovel—while the gift bags included a stress ball emblazoned with a smiley face and sample packets of Lexapro.

The evening’s funniest remark: “Quite frankly, a witch’s tit sounds warm to me at this point.”

Mother’s Little Helper…

(Left: Courtney and Michael Forrester with Wendy Shattuck at Ubers for the Underprivileged; Right: Peter and Liz Georgantas at Ubers for the Underprivileged)

The line of black cars stretched down the block in front of the Park Plaza Castle at Ubers for the Underprivileged, a black-tie gala that attracted the likes of Wellesley socialites Ashley and Paul Bernon, sneaker heir Dan Fireman and the delicious Penny, cupcake queen Courtney Forrester and the dashing Michael, hostess extraordinaire Wendy Shattuck and her affable other half, Sam Plimpton, Tasmanian devil Joshua Janson, the gorgeous Joanna Humphrey Flynn and her main man, Bryan, Beacon Hillions Peter and Liz Georgantas, and one woman who asked the somewhat relevant question, “But do the underprivileged even have smartphones?”

Arcade games with prizes from luxury retailers such as Hermès and Chanel lined the room, and the open bar did brisk business, since no one was driving home.

It also provided the evening’s wittiest remark: “Nannies are God’s answer to hangovers.”

Mass Transit…

(Left: Cole and Hunter at Tea for the T; Middle: The Hat Sisters at Tea for the T; Right: Charlie Baker at Tea for the T)

Taking matters into their own hands, a group of civic-minded Bostonians decided to raise funds for the foundering MBTA by throwing Tea for the T, an afternoon tea dance held at Club Cafe.

Front and center were His Nibs Charlie Baker, Hizzonah Marty Walsh, the Hat Sisters, several of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, snacky banker Rick Musiol, nonprofit guru Adrian Budhu, the inescapable Ricardo Rodriguez and his dreamy husband, Michael Kelley, with their heterosexual spouses, Jay Gordon and Alina Wolhardt-Gordon, blond bombshell April Soderstrom, male porn stars Cole and Hunter of Maverick Men, queen of the Silver Line Chantelle Marcial and one man who inexplicably decided to dress up as Thomas the Tank Engine.

The afternoon raised roughly $100,000, or, as one guest joked, “almost enough to buy a Charlie card.”

To Spank or Not to Spank…

(Left: Conner Christiansen and Steve Maler T; Middle: Kitty and Michael Dukakis at Fifty Shades of Grey, the Musical!Right: Smoki Bacon at Fifty Shades of Grey, the Musical!)

The evening began with drinks and dinner at the Cyclorama, which was decorated to look like an S&M dungeon, and continued with the performance at the Calderwood Pavilion, where Tony Award winner Billy Porter joined in the rousing production number “Billionaires Are Da Bomb in Bed.”

Seen dabbing their eyes in the audience: company head Steve Maler, Babson grand poobah Kerry Healey, Back Bay doyenne Smoki Bacon, former governor Michael Dukakis and the lovely Kitty, and one woman who said, “I’m thinking of redecorating. Maybe I should do a Red Room of Pain.”

Oh, and by the way…April Fool’s!

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