Ultimate Tailgate Party

Missives from the jet set

Joanne Chang, Rose Walsh and Veo Robert at the Ultimate Tailgate Party.

Can I Get a Doggybag? 

Nothing beats a fundraiser where you don’t have to wear black tie but you still get to drink, kibbitz and devour delicious little nibbly things created by some of the city’s top chefs.

The Ultimate Tailgate Party to benefit Lovin’ Spoonfuls was held at the Black Falcon
Cruise Terminal and attracted the likes of founder Ashley Stanley and her wife, Kelly
, broadcasting babe Lisa “Biggy Huge” Hughes, her gifted lensman, Mike Casey, host committee chair Isabelle Plante, restaurateur extraordinaire Jamie Bissonnette, gorgeous epicure Jen Yukimura, the dazzling Kelly Early, unapologetic hipster Zach Lanoue, Bradley
Cooper stunt double Ben Shore, Travel Channel star Andrew Zimmern, debonair chef Tony Susi, the incorrigible Christopher Myers and every other sybarite and voluptuary in the city.

The evening’s best exchange:

“He was on the first season of Celebrity Apprentice.”

“Isn’t that something you erase from your resume?” ◆

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