First-World Problems

You’ve got to tug on the heartstrings to loosen the purse strings, which is why the UNICEF Gala was such a smashing success.

Meg Campbell, Lawrence O’Donnell and RoAnn Costin at the UNICEF Gala

The evening’s snarkiest remark: When UNICEF head honcha Caryl Stern mentioned the appalling and sobering statistic that women around the world spend millions of hours a day gathering water, one guest said: “I spent a million hours trying to get into this dress.”The evening drew a bighearted (not to mention big-money) crowd to the BCA’s Cyclorama for cocktails and schmoozing, followed by dinner and a live auction. Prominent among the throng: the evening’s honoree, TV talking head Lawrence O’Donnell, white-hot airline executive Anders Lindström and his equally snacky colleague, Michael Loydgren, Back Bay goddess Mahsa Noble, restaurateur extraordinaire Babak Bina and his flawless wife, Coryn, VC guru Michael Greeley and blond bombshell Kathy Burns, dazzling beauty Esmeralda Swartz, Brookline party pair Coco and Kyra Montagu, eternal do-gooder Kristina Lyons and her other half, Patrick, and so on and so forth.

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