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Spreading the Warmth…

(Stan Leven and Mary Richardson at the FOBH Knitting Bee)

“Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle” gained new meaning when Friends of Boston’s Homeless hosted a Knitting Bee at the House of Blues.

The LA-based rockabilly outfit The Knitters performed, while guests who brought their own needles used pocket lint collected by volunteers to make sweaters for the homeless. Present and accounted for: the organization’s founder, John Rosenthal, and his lovely other half, Mo, the aptly named Jerry Belair, celebrity chefs Chris Douglass and Gordon “It Was Just a Roast Chicken” Hamersley, the perpetually costumed Lynne Smith with the adorable Gary, and avid knitters ranging from what could have been a granny sent over by Central Casting to a heavily tattooed 20-something who could have doubled as a pincushion.

Fun Fact No. 1: The technical term for pocket lint is gnurr, with a hard “g.”

Fun Fact No. 2: $243.45 in change was sifted out of the pile.

The evening’s best comment: “I remember the days when the only thing people did at a club with needles was shoot up.”


How the One Percent Party…

(Left: Tonya Chen Mezrich at the Fantasia Gala; Middlet: Sarah Mars at the Fantasia Gala; Right: Laura Baldini, Julie Hume Gordon and Aisha Al Riyami at the Fantasia Gala)

Not to be outdone by the Storybook Ball—the uber-swanky gala for Mass General that takes place in the fall—Boston Children’s Hospital held its Fantasia Gala in Palm Beach, upping the “Wow!” factor by several magnitudes.

The evening began at The Breakers with a cocktail reception featuring a Dom Pérignon fountain and one truffled hors d’oeuvre after another, followed by dinner under a tent that ran the entire length of Worth Avenue (and caused several Rolls Royce fender benders). Prominent Bostonians among the throng: blue-eyed thoroughbred Julie Hume Gordon and her adoring other half, Phil, fashion plate Tonya Chen Mezrich and her best-selling author husband, Ben, avuncular Red Sox owner John Henry and the stunning Linda, junior socialite Amy Mofenson and her cider-maker husband, Jay, her parents, travel titan Steve Belkin and the flawless Joan, uber-do-gooder Teddy Cutler, gregarious real estate developer Arthur Winn and others too numerous to mention.

After dinner, there was a performance by Cirque du Soleil, which was cut short by someone’s decision to serve flaming drinks (organizers assured guests that the acrobats suffered only minor burns and are expected to make a full recovery).

Meanwhile, the evening’s best remark came from one prominent member of the Bath & Tennis and Everglades Clubs, who said, “They call Palm Beach ‘God’s Waiting Room,’ but believe me, if you wanted an appointment, my husband could get you one.”


Routine Maintenance….

(Left: Daniela Winston at Saks in the Saddle; Right: Stacey Lucchino and Debbie DiMasi at Saks in the Saddle)

With the weather warming up and sporty types starting to train for the Pan-Mass Challenge—the two-day bike ride in August that, to date, has raised half a billion dollars for Dana-Farber—local spin studios are getting in on the action with events like Saks in the Saddle, held at Soul Cycle in Chestnut Hill.

Attracting the likes of Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen, gorgeous Red Sox wife Tiffany Ortiz, blond bombshell Ashley Bernon, brunette beauty Penny Fireman, the achingly lovely Stacey Lucchino and Russian Bond Girl Daniela Winston, the event raised funds to buy cute outfits for fashion-challenged riders, because, as one guest pointed out: “There’s a whole lotta camel-toe goin’ on out there.”

After the workout, there was a fashion show by Saks Fifth Avenue, during which guests were served margaritas that not surprisingly went straight to their heads and resulted in surge pricing for black cars on Uber.

On the bright side, it’s not at every charity event that you get to tie one on and tighten your butt for bikini season. As one yummy mummy summed it up: “If it weren’t for this place, my ass would be down to my Louboutins.”


Guilty Pleasures…

(Left: Verna Turbulence and Yolanda Cellucci at Boo to Bravo!; Right: The Hat Sisters and Ann Heimlicher at Boo to Bravo!)

Boo to Bravo! was the first annual fundraiser to battle what one guest described as “the scourge of our age”—the crippling addiction to reality TV. Friends Against Realty Television Shows, or F.A.R.T.S., gathered at Club Cafe for a brunch hosted by the incomparable Verna Turbulence and bid in a silent auction that included a date with Josh Duggar, Caitlyn Jenner’s first set of falsies and a copy of Mein Kampf signed by Donald Trump.

Unfortunately, the afternoon drew to an abrupt close when one guest looked at his watch and said, “I’ve gotta go. It’s almost time for The Bachelor.”

Oh, and by the way…April Fool’s!

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