Jack of All Trades

(Bernadette Peters and Keith Lockhart at Opening Night at the Pops)

The Boston Pops pulled out all the stops to mark Keith Lockhart’s 20th anniversary as maestro, and Opening Night was epic, with a cocktail reception and buffet dinner followed by a concert in Symphony Hall, which was decked out in red, white and blue.

Prominent among the throng: the velvet-voiced Ron Della Chiesa and his adoring other half, Joyce, arts booster Joyce Kulhawik and her partner in crime, Andrew Cohen, attorney at large David Jensen and his art expert wife, Diane, grande dame Estrellita Karsh, BSO head honcho Mark Volpe and the flawless Martha, Republican publican Tom Kershaw, and so on and so forth.

Bernadette Peters brought the house down with her performance, but the real surprise onstage was original Mouseketeer Cubby O’Brien, playing drums. A giant, elaborate cake was wheeled out in Lockhart’s honor, and, as always, the concert ended with a balloon drop to the tune of “The Stars and Stripes Forever.”

Meanwhile, both maestro and orchestra were wearing white before Memorial Day, prompting one guest to say, “Who knew Keith was both a conductor and the Good Humor Man?”

K-9 Fashion Unit

(Left: Corinne Grousbeck, Ellis Hall and Leighala Jimenez-Hall at the Perkins Possibilities Gala; Right: Meghan and Mackenzie O’Gara and Katherine Chapman Stemberg at the Perkins Possibilities Gala)

The possibility of anyone not being wowed by the Perkins Possibilities Gala was pretty much nil, given the fact that a well-lubricated cocktail hour gave way to a sumptuous dinner and over-the-top entertainment under a big top on the school’s gorgeous campus.

Present and accounted for: Friends producer Kevin Bright, gorgeous board chair Corinne Grousbeck, philanthraposaurus rex Teddy Cutler, basketball great Walter McCarty, the devilishly handsome Sam Shaw, Beacon Hill beauty Allison O’Neil, supermodel-in-hiding Jadine Greenaway, the unsinkable Evelyn Tracey and her dashing husband, Michael, brunette do-gooder Rachel Kaprielian, real estate mack daddy Steve Karp and the beautiful Jill, brunette bombshell Jordan Salvatoriello and one person who was introduced by his female friend as “the man who lives in my guest house…and my sex slave.”

Ambassador of Soul (and Perkins grad) Ellis Hall performed—though he was upstaged by the wildly talented students—and the action on the dance floor felt like a magnitude 8 earthquake.

The evening’s most amusing, if un-PC, comment: “That guide dog must be gay. He started barking the second he saw that woman’s dress.”

Tree Huggers

(Left: Dennis and Rebecca Seidenberg at the Green and White Ball; Right: Kerry Swords, Mayor Marty Walsh, Elizabeth Vizza and Jennifer Dolins at the Green and White Ball)

What’s green and white and black-tie all over? The Green and White Ball, a benefit for the Friends of the Public Garden, held at the Taj Boston.

The swanky dinner-dance attracted the likes of momshell Maggie Moran and her super suave husband, Bill, blond beauty Julia Owens, shoe designer Thom Solo, the stunning Lori Sidman, gorgeous lunachick Kate Lubin, brunette babe Jojo Longnecker and her main man, Jeff, artist extraordinaire Claudia De Piante Vicin and one man wearing an impressive-looking award on his tux, which turned out to be his American Legion Baseball championship medal from eighth grade.

The ballroom overlooking the Public Garden never looked lovelier, and beaucoup dinero was raised, but unquestionably the evening’s highlight was watching the Moms Gone Wild on the dance floor.

As one attendee put it: “You know the babysitter’s getting a major tip tonight.”

Make It Work

(Left: Daniela Winston at the MassArt Fashion Show; Left Middle: Sarah Mars at the MassArt Fashion Show; Right Middle: Liana Krupp at the MassArt Fashion Show; Right: Tonya Chen Mezrich at the MassArt Fashion Show)

Anna Wintour was nowhere in sight, but otherwise, MassArt’s annual fashion show, Vision, was as major a production as anything New York Fashion Week has ever seen.

Held at the Castle at Park Plaza—transformed for the evening into an interstellar first-class departure lounge—the event raised money for scholarships. Front and center: the incomparably chic Karen Rotenberg and super stylish art dealer Pat Stavaridis, budding fashionista Paris Noble and her gorgeous mother, Mahsa, the ever dapper David Webster, artistic visionary Sally Taylor, the naturally carbonated Doris Yaffe, Cambridge art collector Susan Paine, Chestnut Hillion Kasey Kaufman, the flawless Julie Hume Gordon and her smoldering other half, Phil, gorgeous redhead Daniela Winston and others too fabulous to mention.

The pre-party prepped everyone for the main event, which elicited the appropriate oohing and ahhing. Overheard by the bar: “I’m going to need another glass of wine if I’m going to look at a bunch of girls who are younger and prettier than me.”

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