Winner, Winner

Missives from the Jet Set

Bos Vegas…

(Left: Sam and Jessica Slater at Casino Night; Middle: Playing the tables at Casino Night; Right: Grace Rosenthal and Josh Zakim at Casino Night)

What happens at the Four Seasons stays at the Four Seasons, which is a cagey way of saying that the fifth annual Casino Night to raise money for the Lenny Zakim Fund was so much fun the memory’s a bit fuzzy.

The ballroom was transformed into a mini Monte Carlo, and seen pushing chips around the gaming tables were the likes of co-chair Josh Zakim, new mom Amy Beklin Mofenson and her brewer husband, Jay, blue-blooded balabusta Julie Hume Gordon, the smoking hot Sabra Katz, film producer Sam Slater and the irresistible Jessica, bespectacled hipster Matt Fox, bootlegger Gary Park and his other half, Cerissa, Weston party pair Kristie and Tom Zaccagnino, hedge fund hottie Emily Leventhal, human teddy bear Tito Jackson, brunette bombshell Pamela Vargas, the smoldering Aisha Al Riyami, the absurdly handsome Tyler Summers, blond beauty Ashley Karger and the adoring Wes, stunning young thing Joanna Humphrey Flynn and the adoring Bryan, nutty Newtonians Diana and Alex Peselman, scratch golfer Jake Rosenberg, whirling dervish David Donnelly (who wound up dancing on a table), tall drink of water Sonny Saggese and pretty much every other high roller in Boston.

The blackjack tables were packed, the dice were hot, and the roulette wheels kept spinning into the wee hours, all to raise money for local grass-roots organizations.

Summing the evening up: One woman whose pile of chips had swelled to $500,000 said, “Let’s take this to Foxwoods.”

Putting the “Art” in Party…

(Left: John Henry and Linda Pizzuti Henry with Diane Paulus at Boundless; Middle: Katie and Paul Buttenwieser at Boundless; Right: Gavin Creel and Sara Bareilles at Boundless)

The Great White Way came to the Park Plaza Castle when the American Repertory Theater hosted its ultra-glittery gala, Boundless.

The evening began with a cocktail reception and continued with dinner punctuated by entertainment from Broadway star Gavin Creel and Grammy-nominated songstress Sara Bareilles, who brought the house down. Present and accounted for: the evening’s honoree, Rebecca Gold Milikowsky, theater deity Diane Paulus, major arts patrons Paul and Katie Buttenwieser, singer-songwriter Sally Taylor and her main squeeze, Dean Bragonier, Boston booster Linda Pizzuti Henry and her other half, John, cable gazillionaire Amos Hostetter and the flawless Barbara, brunette beauty Barbara Jordan, ambassador/academic/heiress Swanee Hunt, bestselling author Alice Hoffman, Broadway producer Wendy Federman, the aptly named Candy Gold, Cantabrigian power pair Jonathan and Maggie Seelig, uber-benefactors Ann and Graham Gund, wine merchant TJ Douglas and his blond beauty, Hadley, South End party pair Davin Wedel and David Paul, theatrical impresario Guy Ben-Aharon, and so on and so forth.

The food was better than Sardi’s, the performances worthy of a Tony, and when all was said and done, the party raised more than $1 million.

Meanwhile, the evening’s most topical remark came from the podium, when one of the speakers thanked everyone for braving “50 shades of gray snow to be here this evening.”


Lips That Touch Bread…

(Left: Nancy Farrington, Kevin Powers and Suzanne Daley at the Cornerstone event; Middle: Vanessa Downer and Richard Kertzman at the Cornerstone event; Right: Peter Kapinos, Dean Poritzky and Thomas Grimshaw at the Cornerstone event)

Proving what a premium Bostonians put on education, The Point Foundation’s Cornerstone
held its eighth annual fundraiser at the Mandarin Oriental and raised more money than any of the other 12 cities nationwide where the L.A.-based charity holds events.

Providing scholarships to promising LGBT youth, the organization attracts gay and lesbian A-listers and their allies, among them: co-chairs Ashley Lucas and Peter Kapinos, the devilishly clever John Wolfarth and his dashing other half, Kevin Powers, the follicularly fortunate Stephen Martyak, cute-as-a-button couple Adam and Michael Oliveri, the devastatingly handsome David Zimmerman, tireless do-gooder Nan Dumas, editor extraordinaire Jim Lopata, art collector Allison Salke, opinionated aesthete Matthew Erikson, advertising executive Tom Grimshaw, silver fox Joe Zibrak, design avatar Dean Poritzky and equally polished others.

Two current Point Scholars—MIT student Samir Luther and BC Law’s Katie Kendall—shared their stories, choking up the crowd. But lest it sound maudlin, one guest summed up the party by saying, “I call this event the Great Boston Husband Hunt.”

Meanwhile, the evening’s most stereotypical comment, overheard in line for the buffet: “Carbs? Ew.”

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