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(Left: Matthew Teitelbaum, Viktoria Modesta and Hugh Herr at the #techstyle opening; Top left middle: Ben and Tonya Mezrich at the #techstyle opening; Top right middle: Adi Gil and Travis Fitch at the #techstyle opening”; Top right: Michelle Finamore, Pamela Parmal and Lauren Whitley at the #techstyle opening; Bottom middle: Robert, Kevin, Megan and Greg O’Block at the #techstyle opening; Bottom right: Janet Wu and Candice Wu at the #techstyle opening)

The fashionistas were out in full for­­ce for the opening of #techstyle, the new exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts exploring the intersection of fashion and technology.

The night also marked the 10th anniversary of the MFA Fashion Council, and front and center were the stunning Nancy Adams and her hunky other half, Scott Schoen, the delightful Megan O’Block accompanied by her dapper husband, Robert, and dashing sons Greg and Kevin, pixieish fashion plate Liana Krupp and her delectable other half, Michael, the devilishly chest-hairy Braun Duggan, the incomparably chic Mona Kumar, budding fashion plate Corky Ribakoff, scorching-hot blonde Karin Brandt and MIT genius Saeed Arida, designer extraordinaire Candice Wu, the uber-stylish Madeleine Capino, Cambridge doyenne Susan Paine, Chestnut Hill chatelaine Roberta Cohn, the always dazzling Susan Kaplan and others too fabulous to mention.

After cocktails and a glimpse of the exhibit, dinner was served in the Shapiro Family Courtyard, finished by “butlered sweets” that included “Strawberry Spheres with Basil Crystals,” “Ombre Foam” and “Pop Rocks Truffle Pops,” prompting one guest to mutter, “Are we talking about dessert or a science experiment here?”

Regardless, everything was perfectly delicious, the speeches were blessedly short and the outfits (it goes without saying) were over the top. The evening’s funniest exchange: In response to someone pointing out that “gala season” is officially underway, one guest said, “I know. I need two livers and nine lives.”


(From left: Caleb Maaske, Forest Redlin and Elijah Maaske at the Game Day Gala; Dan Kraft, Wendi Nix and Jay Calnan at the Game Day Gala; Josh Kline, Diego Hernandez and David Andrews at the Game Day Gala; Vince Skelton and  Andre Tippett at the Game Day Gala)

It was like a tailgate party of epic proportions when Team Impact hosted its Game Day Gala at the Seaport World Trade Center.

The organization, which matches critically ill kids with local college athletic teams, pulled out all the stops: Arriving guests were greeted by mascots from most of the schools in Boston and then walked a gauntlet of cheerleaders into a cocktail reception that featured both a silent and a “super silent” auction. Present and accounted for: co-chairs Jay Calnan and Dan Kraft, the latter’s famous father, Patriots owner Bob, and stunning wife, Wendy, ESPN beauty Wendi Nix, the gorgeous Bendetson sisters, Samantha and Victoria, with their father, Rick, NFL hero Andre Tippett, Patriots Dion Lewis, David Andrews and Josh Kline, hair deity Marc Harris and the breathtaking Maria Lekkakos, the ever affable Matthew Sidman, hotelier to the stars Amy Finsilver and silver fox Evan Kushner, adorable do-gooder Allyce Najimy and lots of athletes sporting their team jerseys.

Dinner for 1,000 was served at tables bedecked with sports paraphernalia, and the evening raised a cool million dollars thanks to auction items like stays at the Yellowstone Club and a private villa in Italy. Overheard by the bar: “I try not to drink on school nights…Good thing I graduated in 1987.”

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