Big Cheese


While many of the recipes for sandwiches and baked goods at new Fields Corner eatery home.stead bakery & cafe originated in co-founder Elisa Girard’s kitchen, one savory pastry comes courtesy of manager Alex Mansfield. The Ames Street Deli alum serves his spin on pão de queijo, Brazilian buns made with tapioca starch, Parmesan cheese and spices like mustard powder and smoked paprika. “They taste like a Cheez-It in bread form,” Mansfield explains. But the gluten-free goodies can serve as more than a snack, whether ordered as an off-menu option for mini sandwiches or on their own when you help yourself to seconds (and thirds).

Pão de queijo, $2.50 at home.stead bakery & cafe, 1448 Dorchester Ave., Boston (617-533-7585)


home.stead bakery & cafe

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