After up-and-down weather swings this winter, Oak + Rowan offers a bowl of sustained warmth. “This tajarin is reminiscent of an upscale version of chicken noodle soup—perfect for cold season—but made with handmade noodles and braised rabbit, which is a low-calorie protein with nearly no fat or cholesterol,” executive chef Justin Shoults says of the new dinner dish at the Fort Point eatery. This recent menu addition features poached carrots, saffron, caramelized fennel soffrito and shaved Parmesan, but the real treat is the tableside pour of the rich, soul-warming bone broth that will help beat back any lingering winter woes.


Tajarin, $23 at Oak + Rowan, 321 A St., Boston (857-284-7742)

Oak + Rowan

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