Chef Kenneth Lingle wanted to tackle iconic desserts like carrot cake for his menu at Reflections at Assembly Row’s Row Hotel. The catch? “I hated carrot cake as a kid,” Lingle laughs, though it’s impossible to tell from the joyful mashup of warm, autumnal flavors found in his uncommon carrot cake. “I thought it’d be fun to do fries and fry it like a donut.” Lingle crafts a batter with shredded carrot, carrot juice and spices, which he pipes, freezes and deep-fries like a churro before tossing it in cinnamon and sugar. Slather a bite in the accompanying caramel sauce and raisin compote, or dunk it in the mascarpone dipping sauce. “It’s an interactive dish, perfect for a bar,” Lingle says. “Just dive in.”


Uncommon carrot cake, $9 at Reflections at the Row Hotel, 360 Foley St., Somerville (617-628-1300)

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