Donut Miss It

How chef John daSilva elevates the sour cream and onion donuts at Chickadee in the Seaport


Chef John daSilva has a knack for reinventing snack foods, like the sour cream and onion donuts at Chickadee, which the chef opened in July with Ted Kilpatrick in Seaport’s Innovation and Design Building. “I like to mix snack food flavors with a kind of elevated cuisine,” says daSilva, who formerly helmed Spoke Wine Bar. Among plates of creative Mediterranean-inspired fare, his savory mini doughnuts—with just a hint of sugar—are paired with a dipping sauce of crème fraiche, sour cream, chive and caviar. Each bite is a delicious crossroads of comfort food and haute cuisine, and with a little luck you’ll have enough of that sauce left over to lap up with a spoon.


Sour cream and onion donuts, $9 at Chickadee, 21 Drydock Ave., Boston (617-531-5591)

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