Feel Your Oats


Not that he has anything against doughnuts or scones, but for Westwood native Alan Donovan, breakfast has always been a time for oatmeal. “It’s so underappreciated…so I was always kind of pushing it and fighting for the oats,” says Donovan, who left a finance job in D.C. to open Oat Shop in Davis Square in January. The cafe features savory bowls with ingredients like kale chips, sweet potato, bacon and eggs, as well as sweet offerings such as the apple pie, a non-dairy option made creamy with coconut and a housemade McIntosh applesauce before being topped with sauteed Granny Smith slices, cinnamon and a drizzle of maple syrup. “It’s a simple dish,” Donovan says, “but it’s just delicious and definitely warming.”

Apple pie bowl, $5.75 at Oat Shop, 22A College Ave., Somerville (617-996-6581) oatshopboston.com

Oat Shop

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