Thanks to a new seasonal menu, the Friendly Toast is serving some Santorini vibes with its Freak Out With Your Greek Out avocado toast. “We decided to go Greek-style for spring,” says co-owner Eric Goodwin. “The dish features housemade olive garlic tapenade and tahini sauce on our homemade wheat toast.” Two thick slices are loaded with avocado, one topped with tapenade, cucumber, tomato and a hot honey sauce, while the other features feta, tahini sauce, baby spinach and a sunny side up egg. Served with fruit salad, the dish is a mix of salty and creamy flavors that will have you sailing to warmer shores.


Freak Out With Your Greek Out, $13 at the Friendly Toast, 35 Stanhope St., Boston (617-456-7849); 1 Kendall Square, Cambridge (617-621-1200)

The Friendly Toast

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