In the Bag


As an Arkansas boy who grew up eating Frito pies at a Dairy Freeze, The Automatic co-owner Dave Cagle knew the salty, savory snack could make for “great drinking food” for his Kendall Square joint that opened in November. “That’s pretty much our theme here with the menu,” echoes executive chef Ian Andreotta, “just pairing things that go well with a slight twinge of drunkenness.” Served in a Frito-Lay bag, the spicy Frito Pie from Hell features Fritos topped with tender chunks of all-beef Texas chili, cheese, scallions and Inner Beauty Caribbean-style hot sauce made by co-owner Chris Schlesinger that brings notes of papaya and mango, plus some serious heat. For a little sweet relief from that heat, Cagle suggests pairing it with a frozen mudslide.

Frito Pie from Hell, $6.75 at The Automatic, 50 Hampshire St., Cambridge (617-714-5226)

The Automatic

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