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You’ll order Hi B3ar’s Thai ice cream rolls for the Instagram likes, but you’ll return once you dig into the dessert—the first of its kind in Boston. The tiny Allston counter-service joint that opened in August offers standard flavors like chocolate, Oreo and mango, but don’t miss Matcha Lady, a matcha tea-flavored base that’s mixed to order with chopped red beans and then frozen on a flat steel plate, each strip coiled into individual rolls with a spatula. Toppings are unlimited, but this savory-leaning treat shines when paired with the sweetness of strawberries, Pocky sticks, a drizzle of chocolate syrup and a torched marshmallow that’s sure to make for one fire post.

Matcha Lady, $6.95 at Hi B3ar Ice Cream Roll Bar, 147 Brighton Ave., Boston (617-208-8216) hib3ar.com

Hi B3ar Ice Cream Roll Bar

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