Out to Pastor


The subterranean spot below sister restaurant Article 24, Bandita Brighton, is keeping it all in the family with a menu of Mexican-style tapas. The al pastor taco of marinated pork, grilled pineapples, jalapenos, spicy mayo and avocado cream on a corn tortilla is a version of a dish that sous-chef Gustavo Robinson’s mother used to make at home. It’s been a guest favorite since Bandita opened in December, says general manager Michael Keenan. “It has nice sweetness from the pineapple juice, a nice little bit of heat from the ancho chilies and the jalapenos.” He suggests pairing it with a glass of ArteNOM 1414 Reposado, one of 100 tequilas in stock.

Al pastor taco, $6 at Bandita Brighton, 458 Western Ave., Boston (617-254-2424) facebook.com/banditabrighton

Bandita Brighton

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