Every weekend, chef/owner Asia Mei of Moonshine 152 whips up a new Swanson special—brunch items inspired by her favorite TV character, Parks and Recreation’s Ron Swanson. “After more than two and a half years, the ’Shine Pho-rrito was clearly the best-selling and best-received special ever,” she says of the decision to add it to the regular lineup. The dish is a powerhouse of rich flavor: A homemade oversized scallion pancake topped with sprouts, pho noodles, a Vietnamese sauce and slabs of slow-braised beef. Dip the burrito-like helping into the accompanying bowl of heavenly bacon-egg drop broth, which simmers for about 15 hours. “Afterward, you’re still left with a good amount of soup you can slurp down,” Mei says.


The ’Shine pho-ritto, $18 at Moonshine 152, 152 Dorchester Ave., Boston (617-752-4191) moonshine152.com

Moonshine 152

152 Dorchester Ave., Boston

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