Pick Pockets


They’re often compared to empanadas, hand pies and even Hot Pockets, but pan-fried chive buns have their own distinctive appeal. These northern Chinese snacks, which are one of the few items that distinguish the new Dumpling Palace in Symphony from its Chinatown sibling, Dumpling Cafe, are tender but sturdy dough pockets teeming with chopped cellophane noodles, egg and green chives. Pan-fried until they’re deep brown with a crackly crisp, they’re best when dunked in the accompanying dipping sauce, and they make a great sidekick to the kitchen’s requisite soup dumplings.

Pan-Fried Chives with Clear Noodle Pocket, $4 at Dumpling Palace, 179 Mass. Ave., Boston (617-266-8888) dumpling-palace.com

Dumpling Palace

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