Pizza Roles

The new Dragon Pizza in Somerville serves up thin-crust pizza and fiery flavors


Since opening in September, Somerville’s Dragon Pizza has been serving some fiery options. At their “DIY punk-rock pizza shop,” chef/owners and longtime pals Keenan Langlois (formerly of Publico) and Charlie Redd (formerly of Redd’s in Rozzie) fuse Italian-style thin crust pies and craveable toppings. A maple bacon cheddar pizza sports Cabot cheese, thick chunks of lardon and a housemade 100-percent maple syrup with guajillo chili, garlic and ginger that adds a sweet-meets-heat sizzle. “This pizza captures a lot of what we love about cooking in a delicious pizza,” Redd says. Thanks to the roaring flavor, you might find that it captures the best parts about eating it, too.


Maple bacon cheddar pizza, $4.50/slice and $22/pie at Dragon Pizza, 233 Elm St., Somerville (617-764-5026)

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