Ramen Warrior


If any other chef were adding ramen to his menu right now, you might say he’s late to the party. But since it’s Momofuku alum Tim Maslow, there are no quibbles—simply high expectations. The deep bowl, a headlining item on Strip-T’s new izakaya-inspired dinner menu, delivers a lush three-day pork broth teeming with loads of pork (char-siu and ultra-tender neck), springy noodles, a soft soy egg, menma, greens, scallions and toasty sheets of nori. But the biggest draw might be found in the hashtag: #ramenwithplentyofparking.

Tonkotsu Ramen, $15 at Strip-T’s, 93 School St., Watertown (617-923-4330) stripts.com



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