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Pareja pop-up brings a Spanish flavor to Wink & Nod


The latest six-month culinary residency at Wink & Nod, Pareja brings a Spanish flavor to the subterranean speakeasy for the first time. Chef Aaron Lhamon’s pop-up aims to give the molecular gastronomy treatment to some Spanish staples such as papas bravasThe early favorite uses a touch of yellow wine and boquerones aioli, but this take on a classic stands out with garlic three ways—as a white powder, an oil and a roasted puree. The ingredients are fancily adorned, dressing up a pile of roasted potatoes. “Everyone knows it as a traditional Spanish plate,” Lhamon says. “But we put our own modern twist on it.”


Papas bravas, $9 at Pareja at Wink & Nod, 3 Appleton St., Boston (617-482-0117)

Wink & Nod

Wink & Nod

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