Dessert die-hards have a big reason to celebrate Manhattan-based Magnolia Bakery’s first Massachusetts sweet spot in Faneuil Hall: the Boston cream pie banana pudding. For the Boston-exclusive dish, chief baking officer Bobbie Lloyd—who attended culinary school in Boston and opened her first restaurant in Brookline—taps the flavors of the Bay State-beloved dessert. “Instead of it being the cake with the pastry cream filling, it’s more about the pudding and then the cookies create that cake-like texture,” Lloyd says of the confection, which combines vanilla pudding, sliced banana, chocolate fudge and vanilla wafers. As the fudgy flavors of Boston cream pie hit you during the second bite, Lloyd says, “You’ll have a moment where you’ll go, ‘Aha! I get it!’ ”


The Boston cream pie banana pudding, $4.25-$7.25 at Magnolia Bakery, 200-299 Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston (617-904-1100)

Magnolia Bakery

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