Alex Dillon

Alex Dillon, 24
IT Manager

How did you get here: I attended the American College in Dublin. From there, I studied hospitality and tourism at UMass Amherst and did an internship in property management in North Carolina, as well as a co-op at Walt Disney World. I moved to Boston this year to pursue my career in IT account management at Collabera. And I’m the woman who showed up on The Bachelor in a sloth costume.

In your spare time: Outside of work, my hobbies include painting, podcasts and traveling.

Super power: Making the best out of any situation.

Celebrity crush: Bill Skarsgård, the man behind the clown in It.

Physical trait in a potential date that drives you crazy (in a good way): I love a nice smile.

On a first date, you like to: Put my phone away.

Worst trait: I get very hangry.

Deal Breaker: I really pity people who are judgmental. That kind of negativity must be exhausting.

Most romantic thing in the world: Handwritten love letters.

Why did you say yes to The Bachelor: I couldn’t turn down a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I went in with the hopes of being in a relationship, but instead I left with having gained an amazing experience.

How uncomfortable was the sloth costume: At first, it was very comfortable and enjoyable to wear. That changed on the plane ride home. Kidding!

Most unconventional thing you ever did for love: Please see ABC’s The Bachelor, Episode 1, for a visual.

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