Garrett Brown

Garrett Brown, 24
Industrial Designer and Musician

Provenance: I was born and raised in Vermont and I come from a relatively rural upbringing that involved spending a lot of time outdoors exploring the woods, lakes and mountains.

For fun: I’d probably consider it a bit more than a hobby at this point, but music is probably the most important aspect of my life on both a personal and social level. I’ve been playing and writing original compositions for more than a decade. An ongoing project since high school is my indie/alt-rock band, Dionysia. It’s my greatest focus outside of work and a necessary outlet for me to handle everyday stress.

By indie, you mean: We’re completely independent and have still managed to produce three well-received professional studio projects over the past five years, toured from the East to West Coast, and right now, we’re in the studio working on our second full-length record, Catalyze, set to release in July.

Celebrity crush: Emma Stone. Superbad got me good.

Best features: I’m pretty adept at listening and at reading peoples’ personalities. Also, I’ve been told I have nice hair.

On a first date, what would horrify you is: Getting stuck in the politics hole. There’s a time and place for this, and it’s seldom the first date.

Design rule you ignore: I’m not sure it’s really a design rule, but I’ve noticed that I wear a lot of neutral tones. I’d like to think my personality is colorful enough to balance things out, though.

Design rule to live by: Surface-level fixes never stand the test of time.

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