Caroline Collett

Caroline Collett, 31
Commercial Real Estate Broker

Career trajectory: Just about a year ago, I was given the opportunity to join JLL New England’s industrial team as a commercial real estate broker. It was a massive risk to start over professionally at 30 years old, but it was high risk, high reward, right? I can honestly say I haven’t looked back.

In your spare time: I’m running the 2019 Boston Marathon for Boston Children’s Hospital. I’ve run three half-marathons but never a full one. It’s a bucket-list item, so I decided this is my year. It’s tough—physically and mentally—and a huge time commitment, but when I think of the children, and adults for that matter, who would give anything for the ability to run, I lace up my sneakers and hit the pavement with an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

In another life: When I lived in LA after college, I did improv at The Groundlings. And in my next life, I’d like to write sketch comedy for SNL.

Celebrity crush: Prince Harry—a ginger with good manners. What more could you ask for?

Craziest thing you ever did for love: I drove to Allentown, Pennsylvania, to rescue a boy from Texas whose picture I had seen online and who’d stolen my heart. His name is Finnegan. He has four legs and enjoys a good game of fetch, followed by a Milk-Bone.

Physical traits in a potential date that drives you crazy (in a good way): Humility and a great sense of humor.

Deal breaker: Arrogance.

On a first date, what would horrify you is: Splitting the check.

Worst trait: I’m a karaoke mic hog.

Is it as true in love as it is in real estate that you should always be willing to walk away from the deal: Absolutely. Always. No great deal has ever been made without compromise.

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