Titi Ngwenya

Titi Ngwenya, 47
Communications Director at Fuller Craft Museum

Academic bona fides: I went to Milton Academy, then Yale for a degree in English, and then I came back to Boston to get a master’s from New England Conservatory.

In a previous life: I led a band for several years that played my original music. I worked at WGBH Radio for a program called Sound & Spirit. I moved to New York for a while, made music, loved it and moved back.

Hobbies: I started taking tennis lessons when I was 6, and I’ve loved it ever since. I’ve been throwing pottery on a wheel for two years now, and it’s my latest passion, along with The New York Times Spelling Bee puzzle.

In the kitchen: I make a mean apple pie.

Best feature: My voice—sexy, mellifluous—or so I’ve been told.

Celebrity crush: Idris Elba.

Craziest thing you ever did for love (or lust): I wrote a love song for someone.

Could you date someone who wasn’t creative: Yes. I enjoy men with an analytical mind.

Deal breaker: Someone who likes the sound of his own voice too much.

Lasting legacy: At Yale, I was a founding member of a vocal group called Shades that sings music of the African diaspora. It’s now a 30-year-old institution that fosters understanding, unity and inspiration in the young kids who sing in it, as well as audiences throughout the world.

The most romantic thing in the world: Recently, I discovered a cache of love letters my father wrote to my mother in college. So romantic. For me, the tender words people venture to share with each other are precious.

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