Michael Nichols

Michael Nichols, 35
Executive Director of the Esplanade Association

Fun fact No. 1: I’ve taught college classes: Intro to Politics and Entertainment & Sports Law. I was a published author shortly after law school in the area of sports law, but I opted to go into public policy for my career.

Fun fact No. 2: While in law school, I was cast on a Canadian travel reality show. It’s one of my best stories for a date, so I won’t say too much here, but I did get to backpack 19 European countries in about 55 days, all expenses paid, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Charitable involvement: My favorite by far has been my four years—and counting—as a Big Brother in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Hey, Alfonzo!

In your spare time: I’m never happier than when on a golf course. I’ve played in Iceland, Cuba, Ireland, Aruba and throughout the U.S. Traveling the world, or checking out a brewery, brings me closest to golf course happiness.

Achievement you’re most proud of: Putting together the pieces to open the city’s first outdoor beer garden with Trillium Brewing Company and following it up with the amazing Owl’s Nest by Night Shift Brewing on the Esplanade.

Celebrity crush: Whoever calls first between Victoria Arlen, Liz Plank or Margot Robbie. Can we send them this issue?

Is the Esplanade made for romance: If you judge by all the proposal and engagement photos that dot our @EsplanadeInBoston Instagram account, absolutely. I take pride in helping make the setting beautiful enough to be a popular date spot.

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