Matt Ross

Matt Ross, 36
Fashion Editor

Provenance: I grew up on a farm in the mountains of northern Idaho. I love adventure, so I ended up living in both Malta and the Netherlands for four years, and getting my master’s degree in Amsterdam, before landing in New York. After 10 years in the city, and lots of work trips to Boston, the place itself and its close proximity to nature really grew on me. So when one of my clients offered me a job about a year and a half ago, I took the leap and moved up here.

In your spare time: I used to play basketball and have recently decided baseball is pretty awesome, too. In New York, I played in a gay volleyball league. Aside from the bitchiness, it was pretty fun. Yoga is a part of my life. Hiking with my dog is a favorite weekend activity. Basically, I like to stay fit and be active and would like the same in a partner.

Celebrity crushes: Cheyenne Jackson. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. Oh, and Josh Hartnett. He’s hot.

Most deplorable characteristic in others: Being closed-minded.

Best feature: My hound dog, Fletcher. She usually gets me the dates. She’s the cutest.

Could you ever date someone with bad fashion sense: I don’t typically look for fixer-uppers, but if he’s handsome as hell, has a good heart and lets me give him a few pointers, then sure.

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