Claudiane Philippe

Claudiane Philippe, 27
Data Analytics Consultant

Thumbnail sketch: I’m the face behind Nail the Cocktail, a social platform that’s more than 22,000 followers strong, in under two years. … My handle is @nailthecocktail, and there you can find Boston’s newest, coolest, innovative and downright delicious drinks.

Favorite cocktail: Gin fizz, because I like the effort, or anything with habanero or jalapeño in it.

Other interests: I’m addicted to all things related to beauty and cosmetics and I blog about them. I also love to travel solo. There’s something about hopping off a plane with just a suitcase or backpack and being able to do anything you want without considering someone else’s wants. I’m on a quest to travel to all 50 states by the time I’m 35. So far, I’ve hit 25 of them.

Celebrity crush: I hate to admit it, but Drake.

Deal breakers: Not tipping at a restaurant and wearing white socks with dress shoes.

Worst trait: Procrastination.

Most deplorable characteristics in others: Bad breath and prejudice.

Approach to life: I’m very analytical. I take note of how people say things and their body language. I don’t believe that communication is strictly verbal.

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