Derek Camara

Derek Camara, 31
Architectural Designer

Priorities: Family is important to me, so I tend to see them fairly often.

Charitable endeavors: Art Uncorked is an annual event facilitated by the International Interior Design Association. We collect artwork to auction off, with the proceeds benefiting childhood cancer research. I’ve donated some of my paintings in the past and I have a few pieces that I’m donating this year.

Awards and honors: In college, I was the president, also known as Queen Gay, of “Studio Q,” our LGBTQ+ organization.

To amuse yourself: I love cooking, but when I’m not burning the house down, I sometimes AirDrop memes to strangers in public places. I have a whole album ready to go.

Celebrity crush: Nyle DiMarco.

Craziest thing you ever did for love (or lust): I flew to another city to spend a weekend with a guy I was interested in.

Deal sealer: You’ve gotta be able to make me laugh.

Deal breakers: Being overly picky or rude to the waiter are two of the biggest turnoffs for me.

Worst trait: Indecisiveness. I’ve literally abandoned full shopping carts at Ikea because I was just over it.

Adulting: After buying my condo, I was able to host Thanksgiving for my family last year. I really enjoyed having the space where we could all come together.

Favorite spot: Provincetown gives me all the feels.

Design rule to live by: Honestly, less is more. Keeping it simple allows you to showcase something special. Plus, clutter really stresses me out.

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