Jordi van Gaal

Jordi van Gaal, 26
CEO of Grit

Life trajectory: I’m originally from Belgium, with a dual nationality: 50 percent Belgian, 50 percent Dutch—which explains my last name. If you happen to be a huge soccer fan: Yes, I’m related to Louis van Gaal. I’ve been in the U.S. for hockey and school since 2009, moving from state to state, and I landed in Boston after I graduated from college.

By day: I started GRIT, which is a job platform for the hospitality industry that helps businesses tell their stories and connect with millennials and Generation Z.

Charitable involvement: I’m part of the Rotary Club of Downtown Boston.

Sporty spice: As a recently retired college hockey player, I’m very active, so I love sports. That ranges from working out to go-karting—I’m into F1 and racing sports in general—to snowboarding and kayaking in the Charles River. My sister just started teaching me how to ride horses, and when I go back home to visit, I build cafe racers.

Alter ego: Back home in Belgium, I live on a farm, so when I visit, my hobby is pretty much being a country boy.

Celebrity crushes: Paige Hathaway or Olivia Culpo. I’ve got a dilemma on my hands.

Ideal first date: I like to do something active. I’m not a big fan of the dinner thing. It’s too formal and can get boring very quickly.

Deal sealer: I’m attracted to women who are athletic and can use the peach emoji to describe a certain physical feature of theirs.

Worst trait: Americans tend to say I’m rude because I say what’s on my mind. It’s my Dutch side. We’re very blunt and honest.

Work-life balance: 70 percent career, 30 percent relationship. Without a career, how could you support your relationship?

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