Sam Chambers

Sam Chambers, 29
Mayor Walsh’s Liaison to the LGBTQ Community

Provenance: A northern California transplant, I was born in San Francisco and raised in Sacramento. From there, I moved to Ohio to major in political science at Kent State, and after graduating, I moved to Boston.

Charitable involvement: I’m currently on the Big Sister Boston’s Young Professional Board.

Other interests: Brunching, running and collecting news apps on my phone. I’m also an expert karaoke singer and, on top of that, I can speak a little Mandarin.

Celebrity crushes: Harry Shum Jr., Idris Elba, Ariana Grande or Gemma Chan.

Do you plan to run for office: Absolutely not. It’s more fun to be behind the scenes.

Physical trait in a potential date that drives you crazy (in a good way): Glasses.

Deal breakers: Smoking or being a Trump supporter.

On a first date, you like to: See what kind of drink they order. The stronger, the better.

Worst trait: My facial expressions. They let you know how I feel before I can say it.

The most romantic place in the world: The future home I create with a partner—but until then, outside, under the stars, back home in Sacramento.

Could you date someone with vastly different political views: As long as they didn’t mind me informing them how wrong they are. Every. Single. Day.

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