Kitzner Vassor

Kitzner Vassor, 29
Product Manager and DJ

Bona fides: By day, I’m a product manager at a digital health company. By night, I help make good vibes as a DJ for Bella Luna’s Bomba.

Charitable involvement: In recent years, I’ve donated my time to Community Servings, which helps deliver nutrition to families enduring chronic and critical illnesses. I love participating in their fundraisers and I picked up culinary skills by being involved in the kitchen.

Worst trait: I spend a great deal of time working. Some friends say I’m a workaholic, but really I love creating and producing.

What if your date refuses to dance: We’ll get lessons as a follow-up date.

Celebrity crush: Kerry Washington.

Favorite genre of music: Global beats. Music that inspires travel to another space and time.

Achievement you’re most proud of: Launching an app that served 800,000 patients worldwide.

Craziest thing you ever did for love (or lust): I stayed up for two days during a second date.

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