Josh Jamison

Josh Jamison, 45
Beverage director at Ruka

Hospitality bona fides: After college, I moved to New Orleans and found a job working in the French Quarter. After that, I moved down to Tampa for a year or so before returning home to Boston. I’d spent years working as a bartender and had the opportunity to open quite a few restaurants during that time.

Charitable involvement: I took a trip to Kentucky in my early years. The trip was intended to build and repair houses for some of the poorest spots in Kentucky, something I’m very proud of to this day. I also sat on the board of the River House men’s shelter in Beverly.

Special skills: Although hardly proficient in any, I’ve studied Russian, French and Latin.

In your spare time: I’ve played competitive darts on and off for more than 20 years. I spent my early years ski racing, so I’m pretty comfortable on a mountain.

Party trick: I can catch three quarters separately in the air. I used to do this to increase my hand speed in sports.

Go-to drink: Tequila in a glass. Nothing else.

Hobbies: Photography is my real passion; I try to improve everyday. MMA is also a passion of mine. I studied judo and Brazilian jiujitsu for some time.

Celebrity crush: Scarlett Johansson.

On a first date, you like to: Talk about things with meaning. I’d rather know where she dreams of traveling than what she does for work. If things work out, there will be plenty of time to learn things like favorite color, occupation and allergies. All too often, I watch people base compatibility on the silliest things.

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